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Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Vacuum Blood Collection tube

Material:PET and glass

*Plain: red cap , 3ml 5ml 7ml, 13*75mm 13*100mm
*Clot Activator: red cap , 3ml 5ml 7ml, 13*75mm 13*100mm

*3.2 Goagulation, Blue cap, 1.8m 2.7ml , 13*75mm 13*100mm

*Gel Clot Activator, Yellow cap, 3ml 6ml, 13*75mm 13*100mm

*EDTA-K3, K2, Purple cap, 2ml 5ml, 13*75mm 13*100mm

*Heparin, Green cap, 1.8m 2.7ml , 13*75mm 13*100mm

*Glucose, Gray cap, 2ml 3ml, 13*75mm 13*100mm

*3.8% Black cap , 1.6m 2.4ml , 13*75mm 13*100mm

13*75mm 1000pcs/CTN

Carton size:45x19x31cm

Detail can manufacture as per customer's request

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